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Friday, May 15, 2009

Pickled Okra


Wash Okra and set aside to drain
Wash jars and rings with hot soapy water and rinse well

#Step 2
Fill medium saucepan about 1/2 full with vinegar place on stove. Do not heat yet.

Add 1 cup water to small saucepan and place on stove on low heat.

Add enough water in large pan to cover about 3/4 of your pint jar. This water needs to be boiling when your jars are fully prepared. I start mine on medium heat and it's usually ready when I am.

#Step 3
Pack okra into jars stem with stem up
Poke garlic clove and chili pepper down into packed okra about midway into jar and pour a few drops of olive oil over okra. Don't overdo, a little goes a long way! Sprinkle garlic salt to taste over packed okra.

#Step 4
Once all okra is placed into jars, place jars on cabinet next to stove.

Heat vinegar to full boil

Place enough lids (or sealers) to top jars in hot water. You want to get these good and hot before placing on top of jars.

Cover okra with boiling vinegar using funnel. I do one jar at a time but this step is up to you.

#Step 5
Wipe top of jar well, making sure there is nothing to prevent tight seal.

Remove one of the sealers from water (a magnet works great for this) and place on top of jar and add ring. Tighten down really good. Set aside and repeat till all jars are prepared.

#Step 6
Place prepared jars in large pan of boiling water being careful not to burn yourself.
My pan hold 5 jars at a time. Set time for 5 minutes.

When timer sounds, remove jar from water (again be very careful) and set on 1/2 of bath towel. Use pot holder to make sure lid is very tight.
Cover jars with other half of towel and repeat process with any jars you have left.

#Step 7
Leave jars covered until cooled. During this process you will hear several pops. This is the jar sealing. Once all jars are cooled, this takes several hours, touch tops lightly to make sure all seals are down. Sometimes a light touch will seal any lids that did not seal on their own.

Once jars are cooled and seals are down, place in cabinet for 24-48 hours before opening. This allows the garlic and pepper to season fully.

You're done, you now know the steps and what works best for you and your next batch will be a breeze! Open and enjoy!

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